Y U no Learn Things?!

I've recently developed a new pet peeve, let me just add it to my collection; lol.
So, as you may or may not know I have TBI, which means quite simply I have had a severe blow to the head in my life, and not in the good way. When I see well accomplished college graduates and or students still in college I get irritated when I tell them something I learned for free. Usually, they will say they didn’t know, or be silent with a vague expression of interest. Now, I may have a little more extra time to surf the internet to read and watch all this stuff but seriously you can stay fairly updated on most everything for an hour a week, everyone has at least that.  Yes, if you give up 1-2 hr per day or more you can discover much more!  I get irritated because; Why is it me a tbi individual who’s currently not in college, able to teach you something I learned for free, all the while you’re paying $15k+ a year to learn outdated knowledge? Here’s where the pet peeve comes into play. As someone with tbi , I can’t maintain the full extent of  what I read or watch for very long but am able to remember snippets of them. For people without my disability I’m annoyed because if you’re mentally fit,  I’d expect everyone to be learning as much as they could and know everything I’ve told them as well as add to the conversation!

Thats not News!

I always get annoyed when there are news articles or even TV news networks stating wife or child beaten to death by some random person most people don’t know. That is NOT news! 

News is something that happens and benefits all and should be shouted from the roof tops! Did you know we have a cure for cancer and has been around for awhile? Why isn’t that news?! Everything from: Ted Talks, Vsauce, scishow, and other similar YouTube channels and or podcasts should be considered the news!

Make separate channels for the good news and other channels for the political squawking/back stabbing , stupid old men and women discussing the internet , etc etc.

Thoughts on Hearthstone

So, I Received a Beta Key awhile back and its a fun game to kill time. Im trying to create Amazing Decks it can be very tempting to just go look up decks online but I Like to learn the cards and figure out my own play style. Recently, there was an Account Wipe, deleting all my already crappy cards. SO, I had to buy packs and again and See What I Got, Sadly I didnt get a whole lot.

My Only Complaints on Hearthstone is that Murloc Decks are the Cheapest and most Annoying Decks to Deal with, especially with Shamans. 

WoW Update

So I Have been with Legion of the Axe for Quite a long time, Im Enjoying the Guild. Last Week was very good, I was on Wrathions Legendary Chain for quite a long time, I was able to get my Stones after Guilds Flex Run and the Heart a little later, Found out later Had to Defeat Wrathion in combat that was tough but fun and the other thing was had to kill all four celestials. I Was able to Recruit 15+ people and maintain a group that size and loop celestial kills twice between people joining and leaving. I had to loop around twice because the original person that promised to help me had to live up to my promise and help him get his kill for his cloak. Anyway, After everything was said and done, I was able to get my legendary, I Equipped my pieces from Flex and my Item level jumped up 15 points in one night.  An old friend from my previous server has been taking advantage of me, sadly she hasnt been taking advantage of me in the right ways, hehe. Since my old Server is about 8% Horde, she doesnt get a lot of quality in. She has been Cross Realm Flex Raiding with me and my guild for the past couple weeks, the first week was rough because she hadn't used mumble before and it was a sketchy transition.  It all worked out though, she has been getting gear, GG. Anyway, like I was saying, she has been taking advantage of me, because HBA a guild on her server i used to be a part of, hardcore mentality but they cant live up to the hype. They pretend to be the top 1%, its funny really. So Dona has been using me to come into my guild raids since Hyjal is a fairly Good Server for raiding, and taking her Gear and experience to help her Guild and server. I really want her to transfer over, to have ability to raid more, but she has commitment issue, she doesnt want to leave old friends. 

Personal Exp. And Opinions

PLEASE NOTE: I Have Copied and Pasted All My Older Material from my Older Blog in Here.  I Will Organize in the Order Posted.

Disabled Middle Class Screwed -7/14/13
Why is it that the government has it perfectly set up so Middle Class has little to no chance to succeed especially those with physical or mental Disabilities? You see, if you have a disability whether it be from an accident, from birth, or some variation of the two. More likely you may have some help in some aspects of your life whether it be medical Insurance, Social Services, Social Security, etc. There comes a time however when some people, not all; grow out of these services or feel the need they no longer need them. When you try to do something on your own you seem to get screwed. And slowly but surely things get taken from you. Whether it is Social Services, Reduced Insurance, etc. When this happens your nonexistent budget becomes even less so. The Things Insurance normally paid for, you have to pay for out of pocket now. The money you normally had before you got penalized for being independent was used for your groceries, bills, and other real expenses, with little left over for personal use. So it seems whenever some feels they are ready to be independent and move on with their life they get screwed and are forced to pay more and more until have no choice to either work unrealistic hours at a job they can’t physically or mentally do OR beg to be placed on their previous services. Its Not Rightt... -  Facebook:  CoWGt  ,  just Saying

Xbox 360 Vs PC, Cons and Pros - Rant (7/7/13)
This rant/opinion is going to be a little differnt focused more on the gaming side of things. So I have a couple friends Dona as mentioned in the wow section and Jenny a family  friend. One is intrested in PC Gaming other is more into Console. Now one of the consoles i play more then anything is the Xbox 360. However, i enjoy PC Gaming so much its hard to get back into playing the 360. PC Gaming is more Social pending on the game, and games are more verstile. The Xbox 360 is very limited, social aspects are so so, once you beat a game, its done; nothing differnt ever seems ot happen. Its the same problem i have with buying movies once i see it i know what to expect. One of the Major problems I have with Xbox 360 compared to PC is the Fact you have to pay for Xbox LIVE Gold in order to fully use the console. Sure you can still play games, earn achs, and have very limited socializing, but its not the same. I generally dont have time to balance 360 and PC the fSide note: If you ever read the ToS in updates or in general for the 360, it says clearly if you pay for something off their store or redeem a code, they are not olbigated to give it to you, meaning they only give you the things you paid for because they felt like it. I only have 1gb  left on the 360 hard drive, its ridiculous. I dont want to have to pay for another hardrive and keep swapping them out nor do i want to use the cloud. I know Microsoft and its affliates have to make money but it doesnt seem fair to the player base. Hopefully, Xbox One will bomb and they will do some adjustments. The fact i have to pay for 360 features and options leaves a sour taste in my mouth and deters me from playing it. The fact i pay anywhere from $40-60 per game should be enough. Moreoever, the PC has a large storage capacity so you can play tons of games, make movies, do podcasts or whatever, and most people still have half their hard drive free. The 360 only gives a limited storage capacity. Let me say first off i only have a 4 games with DLC for them; Mostly RPGs.

Over Population (6/24/13)

I Saw a Video Recently; Granted the Host was being Rather polite, that was annoying but oh well.  Let me say this, before i get to enthralled with this topic, that i'm the kind of person that almost always looks at the dark side of things and goes to the worst case scenario first, and i tend to stick with that logic and reasoning behind such rash opinions. Anyway, I left a comment on this video, seen here:

 "Over Population is a HUGE issue, Sorry to say but there needs to be a form of population control a war or genocide of some sort. Then Shortly After Inject the remaining survivors an incurable disease that will reduce the likely hood of having kids by 70% and is spread to offspring".

Let's see here, there is a lot to discuss in such a small paragraph.

The Georgia Guidestones  give basic guidelines on what the correct population of Earth should be, Earth itself can only sustain and feed so many people as well as feed and sustain the wild life that live with us. I say there should be a war because i doubt there will be a mass suicide in the millions, but in all seriousness when things get to out of hand the planet will adjust and kill the over populated areas. In regards to having Babies, babies those annoying Petri Dishes of Diseases; you know im right. Adults weather they be planned or unplanned parent hood, the problem is humankind is too fertile. I suggested a euthanization because it would be the most long term and simplest solution. 
I got a reply shortly after, here: "People need to just stop having kids. If you've had too many kids or are deemed unable to support your kid(s) then they should be euthanized. Sounds harsh, but I think its more humane than your idea ^_^."  

Now, I understand his/her point of view, but i disagree. Its rather simplistic and neutral minded it doesnt solve anything.  Do I feel Over population is an Issue? Yes. Do I think talking about fixes anything? NO! There needs to a fix put into place before the Earth reacts to our presence- if that happens, even i cant imagine the worst case scenario...

US no longer the Greatest Country in the World  3/9/13
I found this Video on Facebook by Chance while searching for more content for the below article when i was writing my thoughts on the subject. (Click for Video)

Radio Stuck in the Old Ways  Update: 12/23/12

The more I listen to music created by users on Youtube and compare the variety of music to the music provided by Radio Stations Play Lists. I realize how much the music on the radio repeats and gets very dull and repetitive very quickly. Why dont Radio stations play created music by people; that havent gone through the Bull that is the Music Business?

What is a Tragedy?   Update: 12/23/12
Over the past few weeks I've been thinking about how to word this and with my computer shot its been difficult to write about it (See WoW Tab). 

As far as what I want to talk about it all came about around the Connecticut school shooting.
I started thinking... 

What defines a tragedy? 
Is it the family ties to the ones you lose?
The friendships you make that you suddenly have taken away from you?
The over all compassion towards humanity and ability to care for one another; and seeing them hurt or die?  
Or Perhaps all of the above...

I start thinking making drastic comparisons and contrasts. I look towards the past such as 9/11 , Hiroshima , World War One and World War 2    - Those were the only ones I could think of...

I start that the Connecticut Shooting wasnt a Tragedy at all, it was drastically over played on the news and some on the Internet. The more I thought about it, I start to think that the above "tragedies" werent tragedies at all. I start thinking what a real Tragedy could be. If nearly all the people on Earth died a near extinction, of course im very drastic in my example and thinking of the possible worst case scenario. 

Moreoever, Many people will read this in disgust and think that I hate humanity but when a true disaster strikes very few people will ever keep their composure and think rationally. The most compassionate person next to you wont care if your hurt or if you die their primal insticts will take hold and they will only care about themselves and perhaps their family if they have one. 

Now, would I be upset if my parents died. Of course. I would be devastated. My Grand parents are on the brink of dying here within the next few years I've mentally prepared myself as best I can but i know it will be hard. Im just trying to say dont blow things out of proportion and take things with a grain of salt.  

Economy in turmoil and how science can fix it (2.24.11)
I have been floating around on this topic for a while now. it just seemed now would be an appropriate time to talk about it. With the protests and riots in Libya causing prices to go up but that really isn't the issue. The problem is our over reliance on oil itself, I am sure this topic has been beaten to death over other networks, new stories, etc. However, I am going to reveal some things you may not know.

Ok lets see lets start with the Great Pyramid of Giza which was built thousands of years ago. The theory which seems to be much of reality, the energy created was natural and powerful and could be sustained for hundreds of years. Here is a video I found on it. Original source is from the History Channel.

Centuries later a brilliant scientist by the name of Nikola Tesla was working on wireless energy to send free energy to everyone who needed it.

- "Electric Power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world's machinery without the need for coal, oil or gas . . . " - Nikola Tesla

Unfortunately wireless energy was to advanced for his time...

Today we are doing what Tesla feared, over relying on oil, gas, and coal without looking for other means of energy.

I however have some suggestions for energy that may help...

As far as fuel goes we have to stop using the following:
  • fossil fuels
  • natural gas
  • electric (until is more powerful, and doesn't use oil to fuel the charging process)
  • solar (until further notice, isn't up to par)
An argument people make is that without some of these fuels we cant make good travel time with our cars. Although bout a two years ago I stumbled upon a company working on experimental hover car technology. Granted it probably wont be affordable to the public for awhile but all in all it looks very promising. Here is their website . Moreover, around the same time I discovered an article where some college students managed to build their own 100 mile per gallon car. (See) Which leaves to to say that car companies can build these themselves but refuse to because they just want to make money off of you. The fair business practices were customers help determine a company don't seem to apply anymore.

What I found to be the most promising to fix the economy. Is to do everything on this article. Granted taxes will be very expensive for the first 5-10 years. However, the money that would be saved would be well worth the economic overhaul.

Freedom of Speech - 2.26.11

This topic has been bugging me for a very long time and it’s only until recently I decided to post it to my blog. What is it you may ask? The deterioration of free speech and the possible calibration between FCC and liberals; this is what is bothering me.What bothers me the most is how boring Television is one of my only escapes from realism in the world.  The swearing in television has almost disappeared except from the following:

Basic Cable:
  • Comedy Central (censored.  Sometimes uncensored at 12am and beyond)
  • MTV, Vh1 (censored, except for special occasions)
  • Adult Swim (sometimes offers explicit content but is usually minor)
  • Misc . networks (censored. Except for slip ups)

I’m sure other networks have more swearing and fun stuff but why should I have to pay more for networks I most likely won’t use when networks I do have should be doing these things themselves. I got a little off topic here but let me get back to my main point.  The freedom of speech allows anyone to speak their mind in any form of media. 

An example of this which has swearing but the networks didn’t really notice until after a couple seasons or so was the show Rugrats a children’s show. When Didi called for professional help she always called or referred to writings by the doctor Lipschitz. Whenever she said it, it sounded like “shit”.
Another form of swearing in everyday life is when people have a cocker spaniel for a dog. Right when you say it, it has the word “cock”.

There are many more examples of this. Swear words are just cleverly created words for something else not all are negative. No form of political or religion beliefs can oppose or get offended by what you say. Words are just words and actions should depict what a person is. 

However, the FCC and especially the liberals make anything you say sound like a crime. FCC is government organization meant to monitor communications and media around the world which isn’t too bad. They just need to back off a little bit and focus their attention on terrorism. The liberals almost if not worse than terrorism find anything they find offensive and immediately spring into action and find hundreds of reason they don’t like something and bring something that is a good form of advertising,  tv show, website, etc. and ruin it for the American people.

For any of you who use Facebook this might be something to read up on. 

Facebook is behind the scenes selling your privacy to advertisers (for more info follow the links below).

http://news.cnet.com/8301-13577_3-20003928-36.html http://news.cnet.com/8301-19882_3-10413317-250.html

This may not be new information to some, but I thought I would put it out there. Many Anti-Virus Software that cost money will not catch over 50 percent of the viruses and other harmful malicious programs constantly bombarding your computer. In fact, most anti-virus software (purchases able ones) create their own viruses just to get you to keep paying for the software and possibly upgrade to their most expensive program. This should be illegal but its not, I don't use such anti-viruses. I found that almost all free anti virus software performed better and faster than ones you have to pay for.

The programs I found to work best are listed below, some are trials. These trials wont ask for money and still do better work then paid versions. Although, most others are completely free. (Note: these are the homepages):

  • http://www.safer-networking.org/index2.html
  • http://www.lavasoft.com/
  • http://www.malwarebytes.org/
  • http://www.spywareterminator.com/    (Has shown to not work well with some programs, varies from computer to computer)
  • http://www.superantispyware.com/

A while ago i read an article regarding the news on The Pirate Bay being charge for Copyright Infringement early April of 2009. That really bummed me out. It also, made me a little angry for it isnt the web sites designers fault it is those who download the content. I know downloading "illegal" content isn't illegal if only used by the person who downloaded it. However, it is a federal offense to download, copy, and distribute this for profit.   News Story