WoW Update

So I Have been with Legion of the Axe for Quite a long time, Im Enjoying the Guild. Last Week was very good, I was on Wrathions Legendary Chain for quite a long time, I was able to get my Stones after Guilds Flex Run and the Heart a little later, Found out later Had to Defeat Wrathion in combat that was tough but fun and the other thing was had to kill all four celestials. I Was able to Recruit 15+ people and maintain a group that size and loop celestial kills twice between people joining and leaving. I had to loop around twice because the original person that promised to help me had to live up to my promise and help him get his kill for his cloak. Anyway, After everything was said and done, I was able to get my legendary, I Equipped my pieces from Flex and my Item level jumped up 15 points in one night.  An old friend from my previous server has been taking advantage of me, sadly she hasnt been taking advantage of me in the right ways, hehe. Since my old Server is about 8% Horde, she doesnt get a lot of quality in. She has been Cross Realm Flex Raiding with me and my guild for the past couple weeks, the first week was rough because she hadn't used mumble before and it was a sketchy transition.  It all worked out though, she has been getting gear, GG. Anyway, like I was saying, she has been taking advantage of me, because HBA a guild on her server i used to be a part of, hardcore mentality but they cant live up to the hype. They pretend to be the top 1%, its funny really. So Dona has been using me to come into my guild raids since Hyjal is a fairly Good Server for raiding, and taking her Gear and experience to help her Guild and server. I really want her to transfer over, to have ability to raid more, but she has commitment issue, she doesnt want to leave old friends. 

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