Y U no Learn Things?!

I've recently developed a new pet peeve, let me just add it to my collection; lol.
So, as you may or may not know I have TBI, which means quite simply I have had a severe blow to the head in my life, and not in the good way. When I see well accomplished college graduates and or students still in college I get irritated when I tell them something I learned for free. Usually, they will say they didn’t know, or be silent with a vague expression of interest. Now, I may have a little more extra time to surf the internet to read and watch all this stuff but seriously you can stay fairly updated on most everything for an hour a week, everyone has at least that.  Yes, if you give up 1-2 hr per day or more you can discover much more!  I get irritated because; Why is it me a tbi individual who’s currently not in college, able to teach you something I learned for free, all the while you’re paying $15k+ a year to learn outdated knowledge? Here’s where the pet peeve comes into play. As someone with tbi , I can’t maintain the full extent of  what I read or watch for very long but am able to remember snippets of them. For people without my disability I’m annoyed because if you’re mentally fit,  I’d expect everyone to be learning as much as they could and know everything I’ve told them as well as add to the conversation!

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