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Been a little busy IRL, I been using my Facebook as my own personal Archive or Journal as it were not really caring what i post because i kinda hate all the "friends" i have considering i don't know 99% of them except for my IRL friends and family, only got so many for game bonuses way back. Anyway, I Will post here what i did on Facebook, I Will post the Original Date Posted...

 Posted Nov 17th:
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Posted Nov. 12th:
While at work i came to the realization that the system is set up in such a way where you have to work very hard in order to get anywhere in life, so much so that by the time you get home and relax your too tired to question the world around you. Work is ok but too much is deadly; especially for future generations, little bit of a pun there.

Posted Nov 8th:
It might be secure but can still be hacked. Ive found fingerprint id devices and computers to be a hassle. Example: i was having minor internet issues with my laptop back in college. My laptop required a fingerprint scan. Downside is with the scanner i wasnt allowed to leave the computer there while they worked on it. I had to stay for an hour because they needed me to sign in. For those with busier lives than me, an hour is an eternity and cannot be spared >>>Link

Posted: Nov 5th 
Microbes Discussion

 Posted Sept 30/Oct 1

 I Have been searching for some spooky Stuff To Share for Halloween, I found some TV Shows via Project Free TV, you may want to watch and some web sites you want to check out.

Shows to Check Out:
Paranormal Witness
My Ghost Story
The Oddity Files


Cast Magic Spells:

Disclaimer: Now, do I Believe this is the spooky Scary magic you see in movies, No. I dont think this is the magic you may be thinking. Magic is basically long lost knowledge shared over generations, i believe that the potency of the spells may have been lost to time but the basics of them remain. A Majority of the spells, are to have the same side effects as traditional medicine but a little cheaper, it allows you to calm body and relax your mind. However, there are some Harmful spells in there, and have a warning that only Veteran casters use them. Personally I dont think they will work, but I wouldn't attempt in case i open a door i cant close. I have another discussion between heaven and hell, and why they are misunderstood but this is already becoming a long post.

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