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Hello, my one fan of this blog. Im sorry I havent posted in a while, but not much has been going on. As mentioned prior I use my Facebook page as my own personal blog because its quicker and have everyone on ignore. I have gathered enough information to make a blog post. In Regards to a missing post. I was dis-satisfied with the December 2013 post so am removing it, and editing it into this one. Also, If you did not notice, more often than not I will find interesting youtube clips or mini documentaries and post them as my own personal blog update, which is one of the reasons i removed the December post. I am going to attempting to balance out links and text. So, it looks more organized. In Regards to my more recent 2014 posts. I will say some things are more personal than I feel comfortable sharing but I will post some of my opinions I have saving up and my overall outlook on life.

Late April to September 2014:

I'm still annoyed at Facebook and it has lost its appeal 3 years ago, and just put up with it (Originally shared last year)

June 11: Whilst waiting at doctor's office catching glimpses of the tv but always able to hear topics of discussion, I remembered why I hate talk shows and news for that matter hate how they censor themselves; in addition, some of the topics they discuss they have no right to be talking about with such limited view points and knowledge on them

August 18th :  (Pro Youtube Rant) : Just because "x" % of videos on YouTube are garbage or pure opinion doesn't mean there aren't any based on fact and years of research! - Generally condensed in 3-15min clips to help get the point across and allow users to look more into specific topics

August 18th: Duh: Im sick of the middle east bull shit and hearing about the cop shooting brown crap. Cops are corrupt and slightly racist and honestly everyone is, get over it and report some real news!

August 24th  : High schools Kill Creativity!

On August 31st, posted something humorous, cause a 100 pack is for Alcoholics

Sept 5 : I have been to this channel before and am always amazed and impressed what can be done with common objects. The lag switch may be fun to build to prank someone! #Lifehacks 

Sept 7 : I support ISIS ideology but don't necessarily agree with their methods on which they obtain them. At this point they have such bad press it wont matter what they do. You see, ISIS originally was an anti government group trying to fix their politically corrupt system. However, it quickly turned into a religious conflict. I saw I understand them, because I can see the US eventually standing against their government, and can easily see similar problems arise. To me, Religion always makes things more complicated, which is one of the reasons i became an atheist to begin with. I hated dealing with bullshit.

Sept 8 : This is older news but forgot to post upon it. I found nude celebrity photo hack and exploitation to be very funny, considering nearly all of the photos were on the icloud. I knew the moment Icloud came out something like this could happen, its a very insecure system to begin with. Moreover, if you you dont want sensitive data or photos to be public, dont keep them on a digital device weather it be: phone, computer, ipod, w/e. Thought that was common sense. Guess not. That's what makes this funny because the owners of that content stored thier data in-securely and its partially their fault to begin with

Sept 8 : I laugh/chuckle at people who think cancer, aids, etc will be cured. There's too much money to be made from the placebo effect than the actual cure. - sure we may have the technology to cure it but doubt the general public will have access to it

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