WoW Update

Been awhile since my last wow update or my last post for that matter. However, a lot of drama has happened recently I thought it best to share these events. I last left off here. 

My memory is a bit skewed I dont recall If was kicked of left that guild but needless to say, I havent been in Legion of the Axe for months. Shortly after leaving I decided not to dump all my toons in one guild this time. I put each toon in a powerful guild, to have some options for raiding. However, it doesnt help me this late in the expansion cycle. My server is very raid focused and alot of guilds are dead. I dont pay much attention to the guilds my alts are in right now. This post is focused directly on my most recent guild : "Antisocial Club", which was #2 on the server. For many months I stuck to myself did a raid with them once in awhile but didnt do much overall. It wasnt until I got geared up, which btw guild didnt help much with, was primarily through pugs or Openraid. In fact, I have this problem in EVERY guild. The gm or raid leader will make a group they 1 shot bosses, and from there will essentially play favorites and not alternate people unless the class/spec is close or if content is on farm and they dont care anymore.  Last week I wanted to raid and do more events. I presented a question for debate, which probably came off as passive aggressive in mail cuz im cheap to send 2 letters. I was upset because of how they did their events. You were required to browse the forums and signup for them, they refused to use the in-game calendar. To me the in-game calendar is more efficient. (Yes, for large guilds the 100 character limit is a nuisance.) However, I know I am not the only person who has a wonky schedule and having to waste time in a site to signup for something, and no being told most cases where exactly i can sign up for them is ridiculous. I need to have a few options for events and raids, in case plans change. I know Open raid sounds like a great solution but I want to raid with people I know, maybe not IRL but with those I know will do their best to get the job done. And not just disband and not likely hear from again when raid time is up.  So, after sending a similarly worded letter as read above, what I got from the GM was rage, I skimmed it. I felt at that time it was best to let it go for right now. So, I reluctantly after sending the letter signed up on the guild site and signed up for Challenge modes. A week passed and I was able to get my butt carried through 9/9 gold runs. I After which, I was very pleased of how things went so I decided to write a letter/thread on the forums. I discussed a few things in that thread. Including but not limited to:  
  • apology for blunt letter last week
  • re-elaboration of letter, more clearly written and expressed
  • Thanking the gm for the run
  • About me, and raid habbits
As I was writing the post, I made sure to tell the gm I was posting it, shortly after posting i get kicked. I have no idea why, no reason was given. The last thing I said in guild chat was. I posted a small novel in guild forum. Which should not be reason to kick. Im advertising their own site, and admitting to using it. Which is good PR. I still dont know to this day. At least i got the cm carries outta the deal. My search to find another guild for my main begins again. I have trouble finding guilds though.

My Requirements and needs are: 

  • raids 2-3 a week/focuses on progression.  (no Sundays
  • Raids 6-7pm server. 
  • Has a Mature Player base/Can handle mature language and jokes
  • Guild that can deal with criticism and constructive feedback
  • Guild that uses the calendar and NOT a guild site for raiding or events
  • Social and Helpful
Two weeks after I posted this, I got into a new guild called xLR , another top ranked guild -honestly I had no expectations to get in. Their application was so ridiculous and eventually I just put in random answers. I was basically giving off the FU tone, in the way I was typing my responses. And somehow i got accepted, i dunno why. Either way, im enjoying the guild so far, and have been meeting my requirements above.