Garrison Blues (Revised/Updated: Dec 1st)

Months before Warlords of Dreanor was launched/released, I was excited to constantly hear updates about garrisons as well as speculations on how they may work through the various podcasts I listen to. Eventually, Warlords of Dreanor was released, and my god was the launch day just awful. So many lag spikes, bugs, crashes, etc. The wait time to login, was painful - login Queues on my server varied from 2-8hrs. And to make it worse DDOS attacks. I pushed through however, because I like most people, was excited to hear about Garrisons and the new expansion in general, especially after hearing the Warcraft Lounge discuss how you could make hundreds of thousands of gold with them. I was originally planning on having a garrison on every toon. Although, after going through the content - I just dont think thats going to happen, Let me Explain. When it comes to getting your garrison, you first have to grudge through a horrible bottleneck, then go through pre-quests, which is fine I guess. After about 1-2hrs you will have your garrison pending on your leveling speed. However, you start from scratch and you dont get all the building plans. After you gather a building schematic from leveling and craft your first building- you then are required to recruit followers. Followers help expand your garrison through missions and gather resources for you, whom are not provided for you and you have to find through quests. Your literally forced to level and gather plans/followers. So, if you were planning on sitting on an alt -your most likely going to have to level and grind. Another chore about the garrisons is that if your placing a profession building, regardless if you have that particular profession or not. Your required to gather materials for them, if you wanted to make any money at the start of the expansion. At the launch of the expansion,   I built a scribe building but requires milled herbs, and I'm not an herbalist. Which means I had to buy them off the auction house or level an alt to 96 until I could build an herb garden and gather them myself which can take days. Unlike the mine which provides an abundance of ore, the herb garden is small and doesn't provide nearly enough for potions, flasks, and glyphs. I noticed at level 100, that the amount of garrison resources you acquire drops drastically- making it difficult to progress. In addition to lack of garrison resources, I'm very disappointed that the level 3 building blueprints are locked behind certain achievements. So in my opinion, I feel Blizzard are using Garrisons like they did the tiller farm as a test bed for player housing. However, Blizzard has put too much emphasis on them in this expansion, as well as put too much gating within them - such as professions. Ahh, thats another thing, Professions in this expansion unlike previous ones, cant be leveled in the typical way - because most of the resource's you need to level them are limited. And alot of the items you need to craft to level up are on a daily cool-down or require so many materials, crafting just one item will bankrupt you of resources. I know many people who dont like the profession leveling process, and prefer the old way of gathering resources and just getting it done. I really hope, Blizzard learns their lesson through this Garrison business and makes the game even better. I do think, however they nailed the leveling process though!

Twitch Jelly

Over the past on what is getting close to three years, I have been an avid twitch (stream) watcher. Primarily because I ran out of TV shows to watch, and Youtube got stale. It wasnt until early this year I began to stream, in doing so I noticed things that deeply bother me. Its troubles me that, at least from my perspective; that only highly sociable, pleasant, and kind people get the views and or attention - Including promotions, free gifts, etc.  I want a fair and just streaming community, where even assholes, cynics, and socially awkward people can be treated equally (if that makes sense). Another thing that annoys me is, that if you dont have or choose not to use a webcam, people automatically pass you by. Now, I know hitbox does a better job at highlighting new streamers, so that the view count is fair, and this  is design flaw by twitch. Regardless, some of these issues as mentioned above stem primarily from our culture, and what we consider polite and impolite. I HIGHLY disapprove of the culture re-sensitivity bullshit, and attack on our civil liberties to say what ever we want. (See Collapse of World government Tab). Although, this is just one of my beefs with Streaming, the Internet, and our culture as a whole. I know if a girl is streaming, its instantly 3x more viewers. However, I dont have a problem with that, female streamers will almost always get that kind of attention because people cannot control their primal lust very well - not much can be done for this on my end. In regards to the financial side of streaming, I understand the appeal to make money from donations by playing games - but I just dont approve of people getting "free" money for lounging about. Yes, I know im simplifying it, and I know there is ALOT that goes into maintaining a stream in which it could earn you enough income to be a job. However, I just dont approve of this kind of job. Moreoever, another thing that bothers me, primarily with the big names in Twitch such as Swifty. Is there is a subscriber only chat - Which excludes new potential followers by not letting them voice their opinion and or help the streamer. IMO, If your viewer base is that large, and you have the income build a professional website with your own stream built in. By doing this, not only can you get creative with your moderators, chat settings, and your overall stream. It will also take some stress off twitch, and allow other streamers to have their turn in the spotlight.